Debra Salem

Singer / Songwriter | Arranger | Composer | Choir Director


Winner of Danny Kyle Open Stage Celtic Connections 2008
Recipient of Katherine McGillivray Get a Life Fund 2011

Made in Scotland 2014 Showcase at Edinburgh Fringe (Aug 12-17 - Acoustic Music Centre 3.45pm)

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20.03.15 March Update

So, its been a while but lots going on.

BUT FIRST.....If you are trying to contact me or buy an album please email me at to tell me that you have purchased it as the email link on the website is currently offline. So if you have emailed me via website sorry - it has gone into that internet ether somewhere.

Also, website Small City, Big Personality (Perth) published a wee article on me. The link is on the drawing pin section below for those who want a giggle at some early photos!

Choir News: So SPCC (Scottish Police and Community Choir) are singing with Russell Watson in Perth and Edinburgh(May 9 & 11) , and Craigie Choir are singing as part of a fund raising night at Christies Bar for Sands (Apr 5). So that is keeping me fairly busy.

I have also just got a wee freelance post with Great War Dundee as Creative Director for an event to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Loos - that is on Sep 25 in Caird Hall Dundee - a really interesting project.

Trying to sort some gigs out - but that may be a while yet.

And last but not least was very chuffed to have an article about me on Small City Big Personality website. (

If you want a giggle at early photos of me- then look no further!

11.08.14 Up and running

So the Perth preview of The Sma Room Seance was last night. Brilliant feedback and just great to be doing it again and to be back working with the whole gang of wonderful musicians and performers. It was also really special performing it in the theatre named after him with his pictures all over the wall.

Onto the Fringe on Tuesday. We had a great description by an audience member of the music last night…..jazzy, folky, smoky music and Jennifer Bates as Madame Lozatska is just worth a watch on its own.

Day off now - recharge and then a great week ahead.

26.07.14 A busy few months

It has been a while since I posted - but I think I have finally got this site up and running.

So I have been really busy over that last few months with a number of projects which are now coming up.

Firstly there os THE SMA ROOM SEANCE that will be running at the Acoustic Music Centre from 12th-17th of June for this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It is part of the MADE IN SCOTLAND programme which is just brilliant. The show was originally performed in 2012 and called In a Sma Room. It's not just a gig, not just a piece of theatre but a bit of both and about the life of Perth poet William Soutar and I get to sing with three wonderful musicians - Paul Harrison (piano), Kevin MacKenzie (guitar) and Patsy Reid (violin/cello) and then there is Jennifer Bates with her wonderful monologues. If you can't get to Edinburgh then we are doing a preview on 10th August in The Soutar Theatre at AK Bell library in Perth. Look in the About/Projects section for more info on both.

There there is Unfaithful - one of the two Traverse plays on offer at this years Festival. I have been working as sound-designer/composer on this one which also happens to be another MADE IN SCOTLAND show. We have been in rehearsal since 23rd June - opens on 3rd August.

As well as this I have been busy with choirs. Craigie Choir is still there and in May I became the M.D. for Scottish Police and Community Choir. The SPCC rehearse in Perth on a Monday night and then I go to take the Glasgow group at Cathcart Church on a Tuesday. Also looking forward to taking a Dolly Parton night at Horsecross Voices this coming term - should be a real laugh.

Still busy with Horsecross - my Talent Hub Co-Ordinator post has come to an end but I am still working with the Gordon Duncan Experience for the next while so if there are any 13-18 year old musicians out there who want to be part of a fantastic youth trad celtic big band then contact me at Horsecross Arts!

Come late August, I will be working again with Tayside Health Artscare Trust in Perth and Dundee and with RSNO in Dundee so its going to be a busy and exciting time ahead I think.

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