Debra has worked on over professional commissions for theatre, radio, television and dance.

She was the Sound Designer/Composer for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons at Perth Theatre, Scotland working on shows such as the award winning Seafarer and the hugely successful Macbeth. In 2014 she worked on Unfaithful - one of the Made In Scotland/Fringe Festival shows for the Traverse. Her other credits have included shows for Leeds Playhouse, 7:84 and many professional theatre companies in Ireland - North and South including shows for the Lyric Theatre, Ulster Theatre Companym Charabanc as well as Barabbas Theatre Company in Dublin.

She likes to mix recorded and live sound, incorporate sound effects and use vocals where relevant and possible. She has been involved in some great community projects....there was the one with live band, community cast with lots of bodhrans, 3 children's choirs, stiring 'anthemic' like song, a pre-recorded original backing track and lots of sound effects. Then there was the one with a small ensemble raised up high on some scaffolding surrounded by a choir and lots of small stages with performances taking place, and a large snake (not real) which was meant to move upwards....sadly this project never got to the end as someone set of the fire alarm.

She composed/set to music six songs for The Sma Room Seance.