Debra has been involved with choirs and vocal groups for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience with all ages and abilities.

In Perth she formed Craigie Community Choir back in 2004 and with them has had many great experiences including getting down to the last 60 of BBCs Last Choir Standing; singing on tour and at Scone Palace, Perth with RUNRIG to an audience of 17,000; singing backing vocals for male vocal group BLAKE; singing on a number of albums including RUNRIG's Greatest Hits Album.

She is also currently the Musical Director of the Scottish Police and Community Choir for both the Tayside (rehearsing in Perth) and Glasgow groups of this choir.

She regularly makes visits to Dublin where she is the Musical Director of the Hallelujah Clown Choir at Draiocht Arts Centre working with Veronica Coburn on this group of red nose clowns that sing!

She has also been involved with Horsecross Arts in Perth - facilitating Horsecross Voices since it started with the opening of Perth Concert Hall in 2005. She regularly takes sessions there, as well as at the other satellite groups in Kinross and Errol. With Horsecross she also leads special vocal projects such as The Southern Fried Voices which can appear at the Southern Fired Festival.

In the last 5 years Debra has also been developing her work within a heath setting. She has worked closely with Tayside Health Artscare Trust (THAT) to deliver vocal/musical projects to those with COPD, Dementia and Parkinsons.

Recording 'In Search of Angels' with Runrig Recording 'In Search of Angels' with Runrig Craigie Community Choir at Last Choir Standing Craigie Community Choir at Last Choir Standing