Debra is originally from Belfast but has been based in Scotland since 2003.

Her career is wide-ranging as she divides her time between making, facilitating and administrating creative and educational projects in Scotland and Ireland.

Debra uses her vocal skills as a performer and within the work she does with the various choirs she directs. As a composer she has a vast experience in writing music for theatre and her love of vocals has resulted in her writing a large number of a cappella arrangements for mixed choirs.

Her administrative skills are best represented in projects where there is scope to have ideas in addition to organising the project and as an educationalist she has considerabe experience in formal and informal education as well as leading vocal/music workshops with health issues at the core.

She studied Music in Leicester under the eye of composer Gavin Bryars who also played bass in a jazz duo as she sang her way through her college years.

Her period back in Belfast saw her running a recording studio, Green Dolphin Studios, for 12 years prior to the move to Scotland.