Debra wrote her first song when she was 11. It was about the Troubles in Northern Ireland ... Then there was years of songs about unrequited love, and then Christmas carols every year from the age of 13 that her school would perform at Christmas which culminated in the final year at school when she sat at the piano and played while directing the school choir in a gospel type had the words 'Brothers and Sisters rejoice with each other, rejoice' and a bit of a cappella singing to rock style handclapping!

As part of her work with Theatre In Education, she was commissioned to write many songs within this genre for companies in Northern Ireland and England - including setting to music the 'Jolly Postman and Other Peoples Letters'.

As a singer/songwriter there was a lull for a number of years but she started she started writing again on coming to Scotland and a couple of these songs appear on her CD.

She is hoping in the not to distant future to record an album of all original material.